Heartbeat poecy is...

A communication with God and His world. 1 part 'personal spiritual discipline', 2 parts 'attempt at spiritual community' and 3 parts 'stab in the dark'.

Because I don't want to stab people in the heart also, I'm not necessarily posting these prayers when the thing they refer to actually occurred. I just know that'll save us all a bit of grief. 

However, I'm also trying not to self-censor too much, but I've already ripped down one post, which I'm now regretting*. It's a bit risky this exposing to public criticism my personal mental/emotional/spiritual furniture...

One of my heroes, C. S. Lewis said that part of the value of prayer is in its repetition, so you don't notice the act any more but can focus on the relationship. Ultimately I'm doing this to focus more and more on my relationship with God and the way that shapes all of me. 

This exercise may interest you also, and I hope and pray most of all that it provokes you to go and do likewise. And please share the result! Comment with a link to your blog/tumblr/instagram/pinboard/google+ whatever.

*I just re-posted it in the name of bravery. Huzzah!

*I suppose I should also add that this blog is inspired by these people in descending order of influence; Jesus, Adrian Plass, Michael Leunig, Thomas Cranmer.